Crush Illustration Collective is a group of illustrators who have come together to support and challenge each other. We dwell in seven different states; in three different time zones; on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and in between. Though we had been interacting in an online group for illustrators for some time, we finally met up in person at the ICON9 Illustration Conference in Austin, Texas in July 2016 and formed our collective shortly after.

The group's specialties include children's illustration, editorial work, advertising, packaging, and surface pattern design. Our creative, group challenges allow us to critique each other's work, push our illustrations into new areas (self portraits for Crush's website was one of the first challenges), and connect with and build our audience.

What we have in common are long careers in art and design, a passion for visual communication, and a drive to constantly learn and improve our work. We have themed illustration challenges, work together on social media strategy, and provide support and advice to each other on everything from communicating better with clients and strategies for working from home, to all manner of personal life events.

Crush Illustration is: Julia Green (Boise, Idaho), Alexis Amann (SF Bay Area), Sarah Ferone (Philadelphia, PA), Laura Fisk (Austin, TX), Esther Loopstra (Seattle, WA), Judith Mayer (Chicago, IL), Melissa Washburn (Northwest IN).