Crushtober is back! Monster Mash-up!

Crushtober is back for 2019 and we’re so excited! This year’s theme is “Monster Mash-up”. See details of this month long October challenge below the imagery.


The challenge is as follows! October is coming and that means it’s time for CRUSHTOBER! We’re excited! and we invite you to join our drawing challenge. Use any materials or methods you like, just have fun! This year’s theme is MONSTER MASH-UP. Each day is a new Creature, Oct. 1-31. Pick a random Feature to give to your monster, or go in order. Or hey, do all the creatures with the same feature…how about a series of hipster monsters!? Or kawaii monsters? TRICKY, huh? It’s totally up to you. Draw just one monster or do one every day. It will be a TREAT to see your creepy, cute, strange, amazing, mashed-up creations. Tag your work on instagram with #crushtober or tag us @crushillustration and we will share some of your work all month! Art by crush member, Laura Fisk.